About Us

Ciao, I'm Stefania Cetoli

Stefania Cetoli was born in 1973 in Milano. She started her working experience soon, 20 years old, the last years in an artisan leather accessories company.
When her kids arrived, Giulia and Daniele, she discovered a strong passion for creativity, a treat she has always had as a child.
She learned tools and techniques for metal manipulation to create jewelry, as autodidact, leaving creativity free. After a study period, she started creating a Jewelry Collection, particular and exclusive, inspired to bohemian and gipsy world.
Her first publication was in 2011, on a high level american artisan jewelry magazine, with an exclusive technique with polymer clay and gold leaf.
Miama Jewels took vitality from the strong desire to go on with her project. The brand name came out from one of the first words of her daughter Giulia, when she was 18 months old.
Each piece Stefania creates is unique and it often comes true personalized on customer request.
“Creating a piece with a customer is a wonderful experience” Stefania tells.
Over ten years working in a multinational company, in all operative steps and a strong passion for creativity enable her to become a businesswoman and create her shop-on line.
According to Stefania creating jewelry is not a work, but a deep love she takes care every day .. and this is just the beginning!


How Miamà Jewels are born

Miama’ was born at the end of 2009 as idea. Than techniques, methods and tools study phase started, to open finally the first shop on line in Etsy in 2011.


The working process is mainly based on using sheets or metal wire, cut, formed and hammered by hand. The combinations with the metal hand worked can be various.
Miamà immediately characterized its presence with its main production, unique all over the world.
It is the Tribal Roman Collection, with an ancient taste. It is realized with polymer clay joined to
Gold/silver/copper leaf.
There are also additional and particular Collections, as the engraving by hand on aluminum wire hammered by hand.

Phylosophy and Inspirations


Every person is unique, taken by itself, the greatest art work of all time.
(Thomas Bernhard)
Every piece of Miamà is created by hand, so it is unique. Imperfection is its spirit and force, a primitive beauty, simple, particular and elegant at the same time.


They are coming out from everything, a person, a feeling, emotion or color. It doesn’t follow stereotypes or fashion mood. A flash of inspiration is able to arrive in every moment and becoming a new piece or working process.

Take care to shine.
Believe in your magic.
You can't always be strong, but you can always be brave.
Love your tribe.
Spread your good vibes.